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King Charles III at Ealing Broadway Christmas Market

Updated: Jan 19

It all began during this winter period at the traditional Christmas market in Ealing Broadway. Showman Tommy Russell was in charge of organizing the event, but little did anyone expect the future visit of King Charles III. Indeed, King Charles III came to personally congratulate Tommy Russell for his outstanding contributions.

Amidst the festive atmosphere, the meeting between the king and Tommy Russell was marked by warmth and commendations, creating a special ambiance at the heart of the market. Other members of the Russell family were present, allowing for introductions and fostering a memorable spirit for the younger generation, who may one day take the reins.

This royal visit showcased unity and pride within the showman community. The young members of the Russell family were particularly affected by the encounter, potentially kindling a desire to carry on the showman tradition and someday lead the family legacy.

Thus, this extraordinary day at the Ealing Broadway Christmas market will be etched in memories, symbolizing the unexpected meeting of royalty and human warmth, offering a promising glimpse into the future continuity of the Russell family in the captivating world of showmen.


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