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Created in 2018, the International Paris Award for LGBTQI+ Rights Worldwide is an honorary distinction that aims to recognize and support individuals and organizations engaged in the fight for equality rights. Accompanied by a grant of €5,000, this award demonstrates Paris' commitment to LGBTQI+ rights and is presented during an annual ceremony held on May 17th at the City Hall, on the occasion of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

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The 6th edition of the award, which took place in 2023, was organized in collaboration with the International Association of Francophone Mayors (AIMF) and brought together a specialized jury. Chaired by Stuart Milk, President of the Harvey Milk Foundation, the jury selected the winners in three categories: the French Award, the Francophone Award, and the International Award. Each laureate receives a grant of €5,000.

The French Award was presented to the Le Refuge Foundation, an organization that provides assistance to young victims of homophobia and transphobia in France. This recognition highlights the courageous and inspiring actions carried out by this foundation in the fight for equal rights and the protection of LGBTQI+ youth.

In the Francophone category, Trans Dynamics Morocco was awarded. This association works in Morocco to defend the rights of transgender individuals and combat the discrimination they face. Their commitment is an example of resilience and determination in a complex national context.

Lastly, the International Award was presented to Sexual Minorities Uganda, an organization based in Uganda that fights for the rights of LGBTQI+ individuals in a country where homosexuality is criminalized. Despite the challenges and dangers they face, the members of this association continue to advocate for the recognition and respect of the fundamental rights of LGBTQI+ individuals.

In addition to these awards, a special mention was given to Hadi Damien, in recognition of his commitment to LGBTQI+ rights. This special mention highlights his work and significant contribution to the promotion of equality and inclusion.

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Le The International Paris Award for LGBTQI+ Rights plays a crucial role in recognizing and honoring the actions carried out in support of LGBTQI+ rights worldwide. It signifies the importance of combating homophobia and transphobia and promoting equal rights for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

By celebrating the winners of this 6th edition of the award, Paris reinforces its commitment to equality and diversity, and emphasizes the importance of continuing efforts to create a more inclusive world.

Furthermore, VAMA ALC, our association, had the honor of being invited to this event as spectators. We fully support the winners of the International Paris Award for LGBTQI+ Rights and are committed to supporting LGBTQI+ individuals in their fight for equal rights.

As an association, we recognize the importance of promoting inclusion, diversity, and respect for the fundamental rights of all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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